The Drop Ad Agency Allows Your Company to Grow  by gaining Quality Leads & long term customers

"I'm dedicated to Serving and Helping businesses move into the DIGITAL AGE"

Daniel Waldrop, Founder
About Drop Ad Agency
What is content lead generation?
There are no shortages in lead generation agencies these days.
We use content, and real value to drive clients through your doors. 
Anyone can push a crazy deal. But not everyone can develop and distribute a message of value. 
We can.
Why Facebook Ads
Why spend thousands of dollars on archaic models of advertising.

Facebook Ads are different. You have the ability to choose who you show your ads to. So if you target your ideal customer, then you only pay when your ideal
customer sees your ad! How AMAZING is that!
Why an Expert
As a Facebook ads expert, my job is to make decisions with your money, so you don’t waste it!
These decisions are things like . . .

● Who to target so we are only showing ads to people highly likely to buy.

● How to appeal to their pain points, emotions, and desires to easilyconvert them into leads, and ultimately sales.

● How to budget so you don’t waste money on things that won’t bring you revenue.

● Plus all that tech stuff that no one else want to deal with.
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